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Four inventions, which significantly speeds up and simplifies the construction and finishing works, improve quality, profitability, reduce the demand for skill workers.


    Hello, dear visitors of my site:

       My name is Sergii Pysmenskyi. I'm an author, developer and designer of inventions, which you see on the site. 

     This is a major project for investment based on international patents on 4 exclusive construction tools widely available, improving the quality and profitability of 2-5 times, to reduce the marriage and the requirement for the qualification of builders with low cost, high demand. The guarantee of success.

     Every man in my life for once probably faced with the construction or renovation of housing. Many stories memories of how nice it sometimes and very pleasant.  

     A lot of complex, time-consuming, lengthy processes of finishing and repair work was reduced due to these inventions - instruments which have no analogues.

    100% success of a business project, as the benefits from the implementation of the instrument have a closed cycle from producer to consumer.

    Do not believe? Can make samples and test them on the usability of or access to specialists.

    Example: If a project to launch international, then the profit is in the month of about 5 000 000 USD 

    For example on the planet about 50 000 - 70 000 sales outlets construction hypermarket DIY type, Leroy Merlin, OBI, Castorama, Home Depot, LOWE'S, Rona, Bunnings, Walmart, etc. not including wholesale companies, shops, boutiques, markets, and other things.

    If one of the four instruments will bring 25 USD per month. We have 4 kinds of products 4x25 = 100 USD  with one hypermarket, and a minimum of 50 000, in the end 100 X 50 000 = 5 000 000 USD mnogim 12 months = 60 000 000 USD per year. This included a high turnover of capital and profits turnover is minimal and figures excluding the rest of the market.

    The amount of investment and profit from the project depends on the scope of implementation at the national or international level. There are a few options.

    Details on:

    My main task: find interested people, tool manufacturers, private and venture investors, businesses and others.

         I want to transfer ownership of patents: companies, factories who are interested to make exclusive tools and get huge profits.

       Economic substantiation of are presented in section of the site:  INVESTOR.

     There is a high demand of the construction market in these instruments. 

     Inventions with detailed drawings, descriptions, presentation,  video presentation, patent -1,  patent -2,  and  patent -3  on the Website.  

Two years later, construction work is difficult to imagine without these tools.

     A low quality and high cost of certain types of construction and finishing works forced me to create a simple and safe to operate construction tools that solve many problems.

    Simplicity of device design makes it easy to understand the principle and how to apply them.

What will consumers by purchasing and using our tools:

-  the end consumer - the person will get to use a high quality finish, design, correct geometry works where used on the site are tools;

-  the contractor (builder, repairer) will be able to effectively and efficiently carry out the works presented on this site;

-  submitted tool will complement the existing adjacent (concomitant) a group of tools for finishing and construction;

-  a list of works of construction and finishing works, which are applicable our tools, has more than 10 segments;

-  tools can significantly save money by reducing the cost of works to minimize marriage, overspending materials and reduce payment for professionally work;

-  to carry out plastering escarpments is now very simple, cheap, fast and with high quality. The cost of the service is reduced to  -2 - 4 times;

-  the use of these tools does not cause damage to property and related instruments;

- these tools are simple and safe to operate.

- these inventions will take a new line of DIY tools.

     The result - it benefits everyone involved, who will have been the result of the application, the application process, production, distribution, and other.

     This construction tool has become a popular  among the construction group who carried out his approbation and testing.


If you have any questions, please feel free, you can ask them, I'll be glad to answer.

”People will use these tools in the centuries”

I am ready to transfer the copyright to patents in ownership and possession of reliable foreign partners, companies, factories.


Please inform me of their decision, and we can agree.

    Yours sincerely,

© Sergii Pysmenskyi, Ukraine, Kiev.

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link to WIPO patent application:

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Patent applications in WIPO №_3:

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link to WIPO patent application:


Yours sincerely,


© Sergii Pysmenskyi, Ukraine, Kiev.


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